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I have loved music from a very young age, as a 10 year old child I had lifesize posters of Elvis Presley & Michael Jackson on my wall....that's some combination! Teenage years saw Guns n Roses, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, The Cure, The Smiths etc entering my life, and well they all remain in my top favourite bands lists! Being honest there will always be a little bit of grunge in my soul ;-)

My first gig was The Waterboys when I was about 14 years old, and I was transfixed. Going to college inMaynooth opened up so many gigging opportunities and I got to see all those great Irish bands of the early 90's The Frames ( I have lost count of the amount of times), Something Happens, The Pale, The Mary Janes, The 4 Of Us,The Golden Horde, The Sultan's of Ping & the list goes on.

The last few years have seen me being able to merge my two loves; photography & live music! For me, the essence of my music photography is all about capturing those magic moments in a performance, those moments of pure emotions and connections. Those moments can come in moments of stillness, the emotion of a lyric showing through the power of a vocal performance, the connections between the performer and the audience and sometimes just pure rocking out.

I have been privileged  to photograph some of the best musicians there are, both household names and those bands/artists that are newer to the live music scene.

You can view my music gallery here :

If you would like a gig covered or some band/artist promo shots done please drop me a line.