Elva & Conor - a July Wedding

July 25, 2015  •  2 Comments

It's hard to believe that it is now two weeks since Elva & Conor celebrated their wedding with friends and family in the magnificent Palmerstown House Estate.

I had been lucky enough to do an Engagement Session with Elva & Conor earlier in the year. This gave us all a chance to get to know each other & for them to be comfortable with me taking photos of them.

When I arrived at the Manor House I was met by the groom and then a few minutes later his soon to be Mother in Law, from that moment on it felt like I was part of the family.

I arrived to the Bridal Suite just as hair and make up was beginning and I have honestly never seen a Bride so relaxed and so much laughter during those precious hours of preparation. This set the tone for the day, it truly was a day of celebrating love, family & friendship.

I cannot thank the staff in Palmerstown House enough for all the help and support they gave to everyone that day, me included. I owe a very special thank you to Best Man Ronan & future Wedding Planner extraordinaire Gareth for being my 'go to' men, and making sure that not only did I have everything I needed but that everyone was where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be!

There was a lot of laughter throughout the day, however I left the Manor House in tears after Ronan's speech...it truly was the most heartfelt Best mans speech I have ever heard...I bet I wasn't the only one with a tear in my eye.

Finally, Mr & Mrs Donelly, thank you so much for entrusting me to capture some special memories for you. I wish you every love and happiness for the future.

Ciara xxx




E&C-3.jpgE&C-3.jpg E&C-6.jpgE&C-6.jpg E&C-8.jpgE&C-8.jpg

E&C-15.jpgE&C-15.jpg E&C-18.jpgE&C-18.jpg E&C-16.jpgE&C-16.jpg E&C-17.jpgE&C-17.jpg

E&C-74.jpgE&C-74.jpg E&C-9.jpgE&C-9.jpg E&C-11.jpgE&C-11.jpg E&C-13.jpgE&C-13.jpg E&C-19.jpgE&C-19.jpg E&C-20.jpgE&C-20.jpg E&C-22.jpgE&C-22.jpg E&C-23.jpgE&C-23.jpg E&C-24.jpgE&C-24.jpg E&C-25.jpgE&C-25.jpg E&C-26.jpgE&C-26.jpg


E&C-28.jpgE&C-28.jpg E&C-31.jpgE&C-31.jpg E&C-32.jpgE&C-32.jpg E&C-33.jpgE&C-33.jpg E&C-34.jpgE&C-34.jpg

E&C-35.jpgE&C-35.jpg E&C-36.jpgE&C-36.jpg E&C-37.jpgE&C-37.jpg E&C-38.jpgE&C-38.jpg E&C-39.jpgE&C-39.jpg E&C-40.jpgE&C-40.jpg E&C-41.jpgE&C-41.jpg


E&C-43.jpgE&C-43.jpg E&C-44.jpgE&C-44.jpg





E&C-52.jpgE&C-52.jpg E&C-53.jpgE&C-53.jpg E&C-54.jpgE&C-54.jpg

E&C-55.jpgE&C-55.jpg E&C-56.jpgE&C-56.jpg




E&C-65.jpgE&C-65.jpg E&C-67.jpgE&C-67.jpg E&C-70.jpgE&C-70.jpg E&C-71.jpgE&C-71.jpg E&C-72.jpgE&C-72.jpg E&C-73.jpgE&C-73.jpg



Ciara Drennan Photography
Thank you Elva! Don't worry Martin will make an appearance....I just didn't want to make Mr.Donnelly jealous ;-)
Elva Donnelly(non-registered)
Ciara, thanks so much for this amazing preview. These alone are wonderful, though I can't deny I'm excited to see the other man in my life...Martin make an appearance. Elva
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